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Statistics and Economics G12

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Statistics and Economics G12

  • 1: Correlation and Regression
    1.1: Correlation and Regression
    1.1.1: Linear Correlation
    1.1.2: Scatter diagram
    1.1.3: Linear Correlation Coefficient
    1.1.4: Pearson correlation coefficient
    1.1.5: Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient
    1.1.6: Regression
    1.1.7: Least Squares Regression Line
  • 2: Conditional Probability
    2.1: Conditional Probability
    2.1.1: Mutually exclusive events
    2.1.2: Events are not Mutually exclusive
    2.1.3: Conditional Probability
    2.1.4: Conditional Probability: Tree Diagrams
    2.1.5: Independent Events
    2.1.6: Dependent Events
  • 3: Random Variables and Probability Distributions
    3.1: Random Variables and Probability Distributions
    3.1.1: Discrete Random Variables
    3.1.2: Expected Values of Discrete Random Variables
    3.1.3: Standard Deviation and Variance of Discrete Random Variables
    3.1.4: Variance of Two Independent Discrete Random Variables
    3.1.5: Continuous Random Variables
  • 4: Normal Distribution
    4.1: Normal Distribution
    4.1.1: Normal Distribution
    4.1.2: Normal random variable
    4.1.3: Some properties of the natural curve
    4.1.4: Standard normal Distribution
    4.1.5: Characteristics of the density function of the standard normal distribution
    4.1.6: Table of the area under standard normal distribution curve

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