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Raise a
self dependent youngster

The unavoidable hectic life we live today adds a lot of pressure on parents as they battle the world on many fronts to maintain the wellbeing of their children. mydrasa thrives to assist parents as they coach their children throughout their pre-college learning journey. Our philosophy is to give children the opportunity for self awareness, and allow them to build confidence by having more control over their learning choices at this crucial stage. mydrasa offers a well structured skeleton for every subject, with multiple lessons associated to every element in that skeleton delivered by a diversified tutoring community to allow students various flavors to choose from. Live sessions are another level of support Students can seek from a particular Tutor to advance on any specific topic.
Social learning walls will allow Students to socialize with peers and tutors as they exercise their knowledge and polish their understandings. It will help them build confidence in their abilities and to have the courage to ask questions and voice opinions. All within a focused, safe and controlled environment.
Artificial Intelligence mentors are mydrasa next step toward deeper insights for targeted advancements and more self awareness.

Get visibility on your child's
progress and challenges

How many times parents got dragged into unwarranted and maybe baseless discussion with their children about their Learning achievements? Does it happen when school reports are out? Or more frequent as parents' doubts grow in absence of sound judgement? Does this cause frustration to both parents and children? We bet most parents can relate!
mydrasa will give parents access to visual dashboards detailed enough to track their children progress and level of achievements. Parents can even set specific goals to challenge their children on any given front and establish a sensible dialogue about their educational advancement. Reflection of such progressive and fruitful dialogues will not be limited to educational advancement, however, will positively impact children's characters.
Doesn't this sounds awesome?

Optimize investment
in pre-college education

Parents strive to give their children best opportunities ever. They want them to attend best schools and receive best education. In many places around the world that comes at very exaggerated prices which can be financially draining.
At mydrasa we thrive to give the best personalized learning experience to our students for a small fraction of what private institutes and other online service providers may charge. All subjects and various channels to impart knowledge and build characters are all under one domain name, mydrasa...
Encourage your child to embrace mydrasa and come register your own parent account and let's celebrate together when the acceptance letter of the desired college knocks your doors.

Our Services

Smart Assessments

Smart Assessments

Focused Questions and tailored quizzes to allow Students exercise their knowledge and spot potential areas of improvements.
AI Mentors

AI Mentors

Artificial Intelligence will be your full-time mentor. mydrasa is preparing a mind blowing journey full of fun to help you achieve more and excel.
(Coming soon)
Courses & Lessons

Courses & Lessons

Well structured lessons delivered by mydrasa's diversified tutoring community. Study at your own pace and try different flavors for the same piece of information, make your choice.
Social Media Wall

Social Learning Hub

"In teaching others, we teach ourselves", mydrasa's social learning hub is where we all rub and polish our brains against each others'.
Private Tutoring

Live Tutoring Sessions

Pick your favorite tutor from the mydrasa diversified tutoring community, and reserve a seat in a group pre-scheduled live session or schedule your own One-on-One focused session.
Goals & Rewards

Goals & Rewards

Accept goals from tutors and parents, complete them, and claim your rewards.
Promote positive attitude to mydrasa's community and get ready for awesome surprises.

As education evolves, mydrasa is at the forefront, shaping tomorrow's schooling experience.

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