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Students membership for mydrasa is now free of charge for students.
Students can buy mydrasa coins to enroll in tutors-offered services such as Lessons, Live Sessions, and Study Plans.
Coins are available in packs of 100 coins and cost 5 USD each.
Tutors can join mydrasa and start offering their services to students. Start your tutor brand on mydrasa for free.


Now free

Charges Annual $7.5
(Billed Annually)
Monthly $15
(Billed Monthly)
Study Subjects 10 10
Free Lessons
Subscribers only Lessons
Paid Lessons Paid with Coins Paid with Coins
Study Plans
Assess Assessments
AI Mentor Coming Soon
Social Follow users
Make posts
Hashtag Topics
Tutoring Free Live lessons
Members Live lessons
Paid Live Sessions / Private Tutoring Paid with Coins
Rewarding Challenges Coming Soon Coming Soon
Receive goals Coming Soon
Receive rewards Coming Soon
Parents Parent account Coming Soon
Set Goals Coming Soon
Monitor Progress
Dashboard charts Coming Soon
Reports Coming Soon
Coins Buy mydrasa Coins

As education evolves, mydrasa is at the forefront, shaping tomorrow's schooling experience.

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