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Contribute to the success of
future leaders

Education has become challenging in many ways as changes to traditional schooling are not even close to modern life advancement.
In mydrasa, we thrive to build an entire new experience for Tutors, Students and Parents. Our technology is the vehicle enabling the new means of engagement, knowledge building and character development.
Tutors' knowledge, experience and creativity remain the cornerstone of our success. We rely on you to leverage our technology and deliver the promise.
We created multiple channels for you to impart knowledge and to make an impact on future leaders which they'll remember as they pursue next chapters in life.

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Tutors' greatest achievements are always portrayed in their students' success.
Through mydrasa, we give you access to many marketing tools to showcase your work, years of experience and creativity in engaging with students and imparting knowledge and skills to create an impact the world will remember.
Tools to create focused content and a platform to offer live tutoring sessions are only few of the many channels we offer you at mydrasa.
As Gandhi said, 'A teacher who establishes rapport with the taught, becomes one with them, learns more from them than he teaches them' mydrasa's social network offer another platform for Tutors to contribute and positively impact students learning journey

Gain extra income
for the impact you create

We designed our model so that Tutors are compensated honorably and equitably to the greatest extent for their invaluable contribution
mydrasa enables you to create quality content 'Lesson' that gives you returns every time a student enrolls into it. Lessons' returns continue to accumulate as long as the learning objective associated with any given lesson remains vital and students continue to enroll.
Having your lessons working for you as a passive income will allow you more time attending to other students demands, up-skill to stay intact and sure to indulge in leisure activities.
Live sessions is another way for you to monetize your free time through focused support to mydrasa students

Our Services

Smart Assessments

Smart Assessments

Focused Questions and tailored quizzes to allow Students exercise their knowledge and spot potential areas of improvements.
AI Mentors

AI Mentors

Artificial Intelligence will be your full-time mentor. mydrasa is preparing a mind blowing journey full of fun to help you achieve more and excel.
(Coming soon)
Courses & Lessons

Courses & Lessons

Well structured lessons delivered by mydrasa's diversified tutoring community. Study at your own pace and try different flavors for the same piece of information, make your choice.
Social Media Wall

Social Learning Hub

"In teaching others, we teach ourselves", mydrasa's social learning hub is where we all rub and polish our brains against each others'.
Private Tutoring

Live Tutoring Sessions

Pick your favorite tutor from the mydrasa diversified tutoring community, and reserve a seat in a group pre-scheduled live session or schedule your own One-on-One focused session.
Goals & Rewards

Goals & Rewards

Accept goals from tutors and parents, complete them, and claim your rewards.
Promote positive attitude to mydrasa's community and get ready for awesome surprises.

As education evolves, mydrasa is at the forefront, shaping tomorrow's schooling experience.

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