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Essam Zidan

British (UK), Egypt (EN), American (US), مصر (عربي)
20 Years of experiences
This is me Mr Essam Zidan .I have a long experience in teaching physics subject and IGCSE physics 0625..I hope you enjoy your time with me through this interesting journey.

Tarek Ahmed Barakat

British (UK)
28 Years of experiences
Head of math department in Arab academy of science and technology Teaching OL (IG and Edexcel), As ( pure and statistics ), and AL (statistics) with more than 28 Years of experience in tutoring. His students achieved the top in the world in June 2014, June 2018, Nov 2019

Ramy Ebeid

British (UK), American (US), Egypt (EN), Int. Baccalaureate
8 Years of experiences
I am a chemistry teacher for the American, British, and Egyptian curricula. My experience is more than eight years in international schools and Egyptian schools.

Heba Sadek

American (US), British (UK)
10 Years of experiences
Decoding the EST, ACT, and SAT reading and writing exams. The American Diploma students face a lot of challenges. The biggest one is how to understand fully and deeply what is written to be able to choose the correct answer. In order to achieve this goal, students must be equipped with suitable information - History, Scientific theories, and Vocabulary - that will facilitate their mission and realize their goal. I offer the students everything to establish a proper background in all subject matters related to the SAT/ACT/EST exams.

Inas Mourad

British (UK), American (US), Egypt (EN), Int. Baccalaureate
10 Years of experiences
I’m Dr. Inas Mourad , I graduated from from Cairo university's faculty of medicine. I have more than 10 years of experience teaching national and American diploma students SAT2 , ACT2 and EST2. Biology is an easy subject if only you understand it, and this is my Job, I aim to help you hit the highest score from the first trial. Enjoy your study, and reach your goal easily

Mohammed Sayed

British (UK), مصر (عربي) , American (US)
28 Years of experiences
Mohamed Sayed Ahmed 1989-1992 Assuit University (Biology) Egypt 1998-2001 Ain Shams University (English) Egypt  Bachelor of Science&Education,  Faculty of Education Biology Dept.  Graduation year: May 1992  Bachelor of Art&Education English Dep

Mona Abouzied

British (UK), Egypt (EN), American (US), Extra-curricular
4 Years of experiences
Hello everyone you will know in our sessions that science is fun

Jerome Mourad

American (US), Egypt (EN)
3 Years of experiences
Communication Engineer with a Bachelor’s degree from Ainshams University. With my experience in teaching mathematics and physics, I can promise you impeccable results.

Mariam Israel

Egypt (EN)
25 Years of experiences
Hi heroes and heroines we are going to have a fabulous year with each other we are your way to high and full marks in biology, so let's start !! اهلا ابطالي و بطلاتي انشاء الله نحظى بسنه لذيذة و ممتعة مع بعض !! Biologyاحنا طريقك للتفوق و الوصول للدرجات النهائيه في مادة ال !! سهلة و ممتعة biology مع بعض مادة ال

Racha Nagui

British (UK), Egypt (EN), Extra-curricular
31 Years of experiences
Mme Racha Nagui offers a comprehensive study plan for Cambridge O Level French - Foreign langage (9 - 1) 7156 Each study plan will include: Weekly live sessions, Quizzes after every chapter, Solving and discussing the past papers, and much more within a well-organized framework.

Bindu Anand

British (UK)
25 Years of experiences
I am a postgraduate teacher of Biology with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Bachelor's degree in education. Teaching is my passion rather than a profession. I am teaching IGCSE, AS and A-level biology. I am giving special coaching to weaker students to reach their maximum potential.

Waleed Modar

American (US)
27 Years of experiences
I'm Mr. Waleed.SAT Math teacher Since 1993 Math H.O.D and Academic Director at Future Window International School in Riyadh.

Nasser Ali Elsayed

British (UK), American (US)
15 Years of experiences
NASSER ALI ELSAYED Alexandria Language Schools, The American School of Alexandria, and the International School of Alexandria. 1: PERSONAL DETAILS Mr. Nasser Ali Elsayed Email nasserali9292@gmail.com Mobile Telephone: +201148271711 2: HIGHER EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS 1-BA English Language and Literature at Alexandria University, Faculty of Arts 2-BA Phonetics and Linguistics at Alexandria University, Faculty of Arts 3-Postgraduate Studies 4-MA [Approved but not completed]” The Role of Prosody in TESOL” TOEFL IELTS C2 LEVEL THE BRITISH COUNCIL, ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT. 5: PRESENT AND PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT Currently work in Alexandria Language Schools, The American School of Alexandria, and the International School of Alexandria. English Teacher Curriculum and SAT/ACT standardized tests. English Teacher IG AIS, Alexandria International School. ESOL examinations and tests Accredited and Certified : 1-Cambridge Certified Examiner, Cambridge Assessment English Programmes. 2-Cambridge OET (Occupational English Test) Certified Examiner. Certified and Accredited Diplomas 1-Diploma in Learning Disabilities, Cairo University. 2-TOT Diploma Notting Hill College, London, UK, (Training of Trainers)

Mohamed Elskaily

British (UK), American (US)
18 Years of experiences
I am Mr. Mohamed El Skaily I graduated from faculty Of Education – Math Department – Alexandria University I am a math magician with an experience 20 years in reputable national and international schools , Successfully increased pass rates on standardize testing to 100% of my students Developed and Implemented engaging effective lessons in Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Money, SAT1,2 & I.G.S.C.E Management, Statistics, Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry My working experience in many online educational platforms (Especially MOE ) helped me to Designe and implemente interactive maths. lessons using new technologies for the students. I always Work with my students to set goals, improve performance, and find additional resources to achieve academic success because I find maths. as a way of thinking and life , by the end of the course they will find their way for their practical life .

Mohamed Abdo

مصر (عربي) , American (US)
20 Years of experiences
an experienced mathematics teacher with 20 years of math teaching and tutoring. Master Degree In Curriculum and Instructions (Mathematics). Ph.D. researcher (Mathematics). 32 hour of online math tutoring at Gulf area. online instructor at faculty of Business administration: Uopeople university-california. 21 years of math teaching (class teaching). Intermediate and upper stages.

Mustafa Kalyar

British (UK), Egypt (EN), Int. Baccalaureate, American (US)
7 Years of experiences
Hey there, I'm Mustafa, and I am an experienced GCSE/O Level/A-Level, IGCSE/AQA/SAT/MCAT Biology and Chemistry tutor. I have expertise in teaching biological sciences subjects (physiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, bioinformatics, immunology, molecular biology) I earned my postgraduate in biotechnology from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur in the field of metabolism of cancer. I received my Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur with a mutational analysis of tumor suppressor genes in cancer. Additionally, I hold a B.Ed degree in science education. As a lecturer, a teaching assistant, and a mentor, I have taught biological sciences to countless students, and I understand the importance of mentorship in the success of students. I have taught biochemistry at Riphah International University, Islamabad. Since 2014, I have been tutoring and teaching biology and chemistry both in-person and online to students ranging from high school to university graduate level. My students come from all over the world, including China, Hong Kong, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and so on. I have gained valuable teaching experience by helping numerous students with a wide range of biological sciences backgrounds. My teaching strategies include: 1)Animated video tutorials 2)Catchy mnemonics 3) Practice sheets 4) Interactive Quizzes 5) PowerPoint Slides suited to the level, the needs, and the learning style of a student. I avoid conventional methods of memorizing the content or cramming.

Sarah Tarek

British (UK)
8 Years of experiences
I am a pharmacist who has a great passion for teaching since 2014. I promise to simplify the chemistry concepts to make them fun and easy to learn.

Abdelrahman Mahran

Egypt (EN)
3 Years of experiences
Egyptian engineer specializing in teaching Mathematics for the primary and preparatory grades International and National Egyptian systems. I'm a verified "ORCAS" Mathematics Tutor, Which is an international platform for teaching and learning in Egypt & Pakistan, as I have positive Reviews with overall 4.9 Stars From Parents using Orcas App. "Highly Committed Badge". A study confirms that 70% of Student's success in school is dependent on their teacher (the way he explains and Deliver information to the students in an easy and accessible way, motivates and encourages them) So, Parents have to choose the teacher carefully.

Arun Kumar

British (UK)
23 Years of experiences
From July 2021 to Till Date I am working at Ashoka Global Academy, Nashik, Maharashtra teaching IGCSE ICT Cambridge syllabus. I am handling classes from Grade 8 to Grade 10. From Aug 2019 to June 2020 I worked at Instituto Anglo Britannica, Monterrey Nuveo Leon, Mexico teaching IGCSE ICT Cambridge and IB syllabus. I am handling classes from Year 3 to Year 9. From August 2018 - July 2019 I have worked in The Cambridge school, Qatar teaching IGCSE 'O' Level Cambridge syllabus. I was handling classes from Year 9 to Year 11. From Feb 2014 - Oct 2017, I have been employed by the Alwadi International School, as a ICT / Computer Teacher for 'O' Level. At the hands-on level, I have an in-depth understanding of the Computer Syllabus of IGCSE O Level, Cambridge syllabus, Syllabus code : 0417 which I am presently teaching. I am familiar with the syllabus code: 0420, Cambridge Syllabus for Computer Studies which I taught in Maldives. I am ready to work at different levels of the schools which might include(IB MYP, IB PYP, HIGH SCHOOL, IGCSE) for gaining experience in different levels.

Mohamed Salah

Egypt (EN)
22 Years of experiences
Mohamed salah; 22 years of teaching physics for national Egyptian curriculum & IGCSE

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