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Iman Barakat

American (US)
32 Years of experiences
My name is Iman Barakat I have been working in the educational field for more than 30 years. I am a TESOL certified teacher from Notting Hill college in Egypt. I also attended CISELT online course (British Council) My main passion in life is teaching English. Through lots of seminars and courses I learned how to mingle real life with the curriculum provided. Encouraging students , spreading good vibes plus hard work are essentials in the educational field. I believe that every student has a key to success. Talented teachers understand their students to help them increase their potentials to reach success. Research and project-based learning are effective in teaching. Critical thinking, problem solving, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating are bases to build on my lessons. I follow Bloom’s Taxonomy and the 4 E’s theory. As for my character, I am punctual, flexible and a highly enthusiastic person

Sherine Ezzat

British (UK)
18 Years of experiences
Teaching is my forever passion. I feel I can help students achieve their highest scores through following important strategies and giving them tips and tricks to enable them to go through their testing process successfully without stress !

Dorreya Amer

British (UK)
11 Years of experiences
I am dorreya amer . I graduated from faculty of science, Micro -biology Department, Faculty of science I have more than 10 years of experience in teaching ol and AL level biology in international schools Biology teacher for IGSCE division (core and extended). ▪ Biology teacher for Cambridge/ Edexcel A level. ▪ Teaching Human biology & combined science. ▪ Teaching practical skills for AS /paper 3 & A2/ paper 5. ▪ Biology Examiner 2021.

Samuel Fayez

British (UK), American (US)
20 Years of experiences
معلم رياضيات محترف تدريس الرياضيات باللغتين العربية والانجليزية خبرة ٢٠ عاما ادرس باحدث التكنولوجيا وبطرق مبسطة ادرس الرياضيات و الاحصاء والتفاضل والتكامل وفروع الديناميكا واالستاتيكا لبعض الجامعات خبره كبيرة في المنهج السعودي والاماراتي والمصري والكويتي اجيد اعداد الملفات الخاصة بالدروس وضمها الي الطالب بعد الشرح اجيد التعامل مع مختلف المستويات والنوعيات من الطالب STEM مدارس للمتفوقين في العلوم والرياضيات حكومي وتعليم عام انترناشيونال SAT – ACT-EST-IB- IGCE – American _British

Mohamed Abdo

مصر (عربي) , American (US)
20 Years of experiences
an experienced mathematics teacher with 20 years of math teaching and tutoring. Master Degree In Curriculum and Instructions (Mathematics). Ph.D. researcher (Mathematics). 32 hour of online math tutoring at Gulf area. online instructor at faculty of Business administration: Uopeople university-california. 21 years of math teaching (class teaching). Intermediate and upper stages.

Mustafa Kalyar

British (UK), Egypt (EN), Int. Baccalaureate, American (US)
7 Years of experiences
Hey there, I'm Mustafa, and I am an experienced GCSE/O Level/A-Level, IGCSE/AQA/SAT/MCAT Biology and Chemistry tutor. I have expertise in teaching biological sciences subjects (physiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, bioinformatics, immunology, molecular biology) I earned my postgraduate in biotechnology from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur in the field of metabolism of cancer. I received my Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur with a mutational analysis of tumor suppressor genes in cancer. Additionally, I hold a B.Ed degree in science education. As a lecturer, a teaching assistant, and a mentor, I have taught biological sciences to countless students, and I understand the importance of mentorship in the success of students. I have taught biochemistry at Riphah International University, Islamabad. Since 2014, I have been tutoring and teaching biology and chemistry both in-person and online to students ranging from high school to university graduate level. My students come from all over the world, including China, Hong Kong, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and so on. I have gained valuable teaching experience by helping numerous students with a wide range of biological sciences backgrounds. My teaching strategies include: 1)Animated video tutorials 2)Catchy mnemonics 3) Practice sheets 4) Interactive Quizzes 5) PowerPoint Slides suited to the level, the needs, and the learning style of a student. I avoid conventional methods of memorizing the content or cramming.

Sarah Tarek

British (UK)
8 Years of experiences
I am a pharmacist who has a great passion for teaching since 2014. I promise to simplify the chemistry concepts to make them fun and easy to learn.

Abdelrahman Mahran

Egypt (EN)
3 Years of experiences
Egyptian engineer specializing in teaching Mathematics for the primary and preparatory grades International and National Egyptian systems. I'm a verified "ORCAS" Mathematics Tutor, Which is an international platform for teaching and learning in Egypt & Pakistan, as I have positive Reviews with overall 4.9 Stars From Parents using Orcas App. "Highly Committed Badge". A study confirms that 70% of Student's success in school is dependent on their teacher (the way he explains and Deliver information to the students in an easy and accessible way, motivates and encourages them) So, Parents have to choose the teacher carefully.

Arun Kumar

British (UK)
23 Years of experiences
From July 2021 to Till Date I am working at Ashoka Global Academy, Nashik, Maharashtra teaching IGCSE ICT Cambridge syllabus. I am handling classes from Grade 8 to Grade 10. From Aug 2019 to June 2020 I worked at Instituto Anglo Britannica, Monterrey Nuveo Leon, Mexico teaching IGCSE ICT Cambridge and IB syllabus. I am handling classes from Year 3 to Year 9. From August 2018 - July 2019 I have worked in The Cambridge school, Qatar teaching IGCSE 'O' Level Cambridge syllabus. I was handling classes from Year 9 to Year 11. From Feb 2014 - Oct 2017, I have been employed by the Alwadi International School, as a ICT / Computer Teacher for 'O' Level. At the hands-on level, I have an in-depth understanding of the Computer Syllabus of IGCSE O Level, Cambridge syllabus, Syllabus code : 0417 which I am presently teaching. I am familiar with the syllabus code: 0420, Cambridge Syllabus for Computer Studies which I taught in Maldives. I am ready to work at different levels of the schools which might include(IB MYP, IB PYP, HIGH SCHOOL, IGCSE) for gaining experience in different levels.

Mohamed Salah

Egypt (EN)
22 Years of experiences
Mohamed salah; 22 years of teaching physics for national Egyptian curriculum & IGCSE

Dina Badawy

British (UK), Egypt (EN), مصر (عربي)
15 Years of experiences
Dina badawy an associate professor of hematology, researcher and instructor of clinical pathology for more than 15 years.

Youssef ElGendy

American (US)
4 Years of experiences
Hello everyone, I am Youssef El-Gendy former perfect scorer on the SAT English section, 99+ Percentile and ranked 4th on Egypt on my academic year. I helped dozens of students to achieve nearly perfect score on the SAT English section since 2016. So, if you are ready to learn all the tricks SAT plays on you ,and ready to write your success story . Join me now *Spoiler alert* your problems end here.

Ali Reda

Egypt (EN), American (US), مصر (عربي)
5 Years of experiences
Bachelor of Physics, faculty of science ,Cairo University Online Physics Tutor - Physics Teacher (Arabic/English) Physics Teacher at ‏‎Knowledge Hills International School

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