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Control your time and
have more fun

mydrasa gives you the control over how you progress your pre-college learning journey. It gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace and to leverage multiple sources of information.
mydrasa allows you to measure your progress, and to share this with your mydrasa colleagues, tutors and parents.
Assessments are crafted in a way to give you confidence in your strengths and visibility to areas for development.
mydrasa has an ambitious plan to leverage Artificial Intelligence to coach you on how to optimize the use of your time for more progress.
mydrasa believe that when you have the control, you will continue to grow, mature and achieve the best of your abilities... mydrasa believes in you

Become the next
smart influencer

Becoming a social media influencer may be exciting but it is definitely more exciting to influence your peers and groups with knowledge and value, to become a go-to person for all their academic doubts.
mydrasa provides you with a platform to first learn and then influence. Our subject-focused social network connects you to your peers including students, parents and tutors seamlessly.
Enrolling with mydrasa gives you access to a vast network of students globally whom you could influence with your subject-specific posts and comments.

Get Rewarded
for your Learning Achievements

Ever imagined being rewarded each time you study?! mydrasa is the place to start 😉
mydrasa gives you the opportunity to track your achievements and prove your progress throughout a lively and engaging journey where rewards and recognition programs are our vital symbols for positive reinforcement.
It's always great to leverage your knowledge and polish your understanding through focused communication with those having similar interest; yet sharing and caring is still a reflection of true leadership. Remember, mydrasa students are tomorrow' leaders.
mydrasa will appraise top performers in various manners, including lifetime opportunity to participate a fully sponsored mydrasa camp with fellow achievers, free subscription and thousands of mydrasa coins and much more that will surprise you.
Interestingly, we'll allow your parent to set goals for you and link this to rewards of your own choice, so start communicating with your parents and strike your own deal 😉

Our Services

Smart Assessments

Smart Assessments

Focused Questions and tailored quizzes to allow Students exercise their knowledge and spot potential areas of improvements.
AI Mentors

AI Mentors

Artificial Intelligence will be your full-time mentor. mydrasa is preparing a mind blowing journey full of fun to help you achieve more and excel.
(Coming soon)
Courses & Lessons

Courses & Lessons

Well structured lessons delivered by mydrasa's diversified tutoring community. Study at your own pace and try different flavors for the same piece of information, make your choice.
Social Media Wall

Social Learning Hub

"In teaching others, we teach ourselves", mydrasa's social learning hub is where we all rub and polish our brains against each others'.
Private Tutoring

Live Tutoring Sessions

Pick your favorite tutor from the mydrasa diversified tutoring community, and reserve a seat in a group pre-scheduled live session or schedule your own One-on-One focused session.
Goals & Rewards

Goals & Rewards

Accept goals from tutors and parents, complete them, and claim your rewards.
Promote positive attitude to mydrasa's community and get ready for awesome surprises.

As education evolves, mydrasa is at the forefront, shaping tomorrow's schooling experience.

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