Mohamed Elskaily

Mohamed Elskaily

Highschool, 18 years of experience
Language: English

I am Mr. Mohamed El Skaily I graduated from faculty Of Education – Math Department – Alexandria University I am a math magician with an experience 20 years in reputable national and international schools , Successfully increased pass rates on standardize testing to 100% of my students Developed and Implemented engaging effective lessons in Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Money, SAT1,2 & I.G.S.C.E Management, Statistics, Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry My working experience in many online educational platforms (Especially MOE ) helped me to Designe and implemente interactive maths. lessons using new technologies for the students. I always Work with my students to set goals, improve performance, and find additional resources to achieve academic success because I find maths. as a way of thinking and life , by the end of the course they will find their way for their practical life .

  • British (UK): Cambridge - Mathematics - 0580
  • American (US): SAT - Math , SAT - Math Level 1

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