Abdelrahman Mahran

Abdelrahman Mahran

Bachelors degree, 3 years of experience
Languages: English, Arabic

Egyptian engineer specializing in teaching Mathematics for the primary and preparatory grades International and National Egyptian systems. I'm a verified "ORCAS" Mathematics Tutor, Which is an international platform for teaching and learning in Egypt & Pakistan, as I have positive Reviews with overall 4.9 Stars From Parents using Orcas App. "Highly Committed Badge". A study confirms that 70% of Student's success in school is dependent on their teacher (the way he explains and Deliver information to the students in an easy and accessible way, motivates and encourages them) So, Parents have to choose the teacher carefully.

  • Egypt (EN): Pure Mathematics - Algebra and Geometry G12 , Pure Mathematics - Differential and Integral Calculus G12 , Applied Mathematics - Mechanics G12 , Pure Mathematics - 1st term - G11 , Pure Mathematics - 2nd term - G11 , General Mathematics - 2nd term - G11 , General Mathematics - 1st term - G11 , Mathematics - 1st term - G10 , Mathematics - 2nd term - G10 , Mathematics Applications - G11

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