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Mathematics - 2nd term - G10

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Mathematics - 2nd term - G10

  • 1: Algebra, Matrices
    1.1: Algebra, Matrices
    1.1.1: Introduction to Matrices
    1.1.2: Types of Matrices
    1.1.3: Equal Matrices
    1.1.4: Scalar Multiplication of Matrices
    1.1.5: Transpose of a Matrix
    1.1.6: Adding and Subtracting Matrices
    1.1.7: Matrix Multiplication
    1.1.8: Properties of Matrix Multiplication
    1.1.9: Matrix Operations
    1.1.10: Power of a Matrix
    1.1.11: Two-by-Two Determinants
    1.1.12: Three-by-Three Determinants
    1.1.13: Properties of Determinants
    1.1.14: Using Determinants to Calculate Areas
    1.1.15: Cramer’s Rule
    1.1.16: Inverse of a 2 × 2 Matrix
    1.1.17: Representing a System of Two Equations in Matrix Form
    1.1.18: Solving a System of Two Equations Using a Matrix Inverse
  • 2: Algebra, Linear Programing
    2.1: Algebra, Linear Programing
    2.1.1: Two-Variable Linear Inequalities
    2.1.2: Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities
    2.1.3: Applications on Systems of Inequalities
    2.1.4: Linear Programming
  • 3: Analytic Geometry, Vectors
    3.1: Analytic Geometry, Vectors
    3.1.1: Scalars, Vectors, and Directed Line Segments
    3.1.2: Components of a Vector
    3.1.3: Magnitude of a 2D Vector
    3.1.4: Adding and Subtracting Vectors in 2D
    3.1.5: Properties of Operations on Vectors
    3.1.6: Vectors in Terms of Fundamental Unit Vectors
    3.1.7: Polar Form of a Vector
    3.1.8: Parallel and Perpendicular Vectors in 2D
    3.1.9: Vector Operations in 2D
    3.1.10: Graphical Operations on Vectors
    3.1.11: Geometric Applications of Vectors
    3.1.12: Vectors Applications
  • 4: Analytic Geometry, Straight Line
    4.1: Analytic Geometry, Straight Line
    4.1.1: Partitioning a Line Segment on the Coordinate Plane
    4.1.2: Equation of a Straight Line: Standard and Point–Slope Forms
    4.1.3: Equation of a Straight Line: Vector Form
    4.1.4: Equation of a Straight Line: Parametric Form
    4.1.5: Equation of a Straight Line: General Form
    4.1.6: Equation of a Straight Line: Two-Intercept Form
    4.1.7: Angle between Two Straight Lines in the Coordinate Plane
    4.1.8: Perpendicular Distance from a Point to a Line on the Coordinate Plane
    4.1.9: Intersection Point of Two Straight Lines on the Coordinate Plane
  • 5: Trigonometry
    5.1: Trigonometry
    5.1.1: Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions
    5.1.2: Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions Using Trigonometric Identities
    5.1.3: Evaluating Trigonometric Functions Using Pythagorean Identities
    5.1.4: Simple Trigonometric Equations
    5.1.5: Solving a Trigonometric Equation
    5.1.6: Right Triangle Trigonometry: Solve for a Side
    5.1.7: Right Triangle Trigonometry: Solve for an Angle
    5.1.8: Angles of Elevation and Depression
    5.1.9: Arc Lengths and Sectors
    5.1.10: Areas of Circular Segments
    5.1.11: Finding the Area of Triangle Using Trigonometry
    5.1.12: Areas of Regular Polygons

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