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Mathematics Applications - G11

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Mathematics Applications -for 2nd year of secondary school

  • 1: Mechanics
    1.1: Statics
    1.1.1: Resultant of Two Forces
    1.1.2: Resolution of Forces
    1.1.3: Resultant of Coplanar Forces
    1.1.4: Triangle of Forces
    1.1.5: Lami’s Theorem
    1.2: Dynamics
    1.2.1: Quantities and Units in Mechanics
    1.2.2: Position, Displacement, and Distance
    1.2.3: Speed and Velocity
    1.2.4: Relative Velocity
    1.2.5: Kinematic Equations
    1.2.6: Applications on Motion with Uniform Acceleration
    1.2.7: Vertical Motion under Gravity
    1.2.8: Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation
  • 2: Geometry and Measurement
    2.1: Geometry and Measurement
    2.1.1: Points, Lines, and Planes in Space
    2.1.2: Applications on the Pythagorean Theorem
    2.1.3: The Pythagorean Theorem in 3D
    2.1.4: Surface Areas of Pyramids
    2.1.5: Surface Areas of Cones
    2.1.6: Volumes of Pyramids
    2.1.7: Volumes of Cones
    2.1.8: Equation of a Circle
  • 3: Probability
    3.1: Probability
    3.1.1: Probability of Simple Events
    3.1.2: Addition Rule for Probability
    3.1.3: Mutually Exclusive Events
    3.1.4: Calculating Probability Using Venn Diagrams

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