Mohamed Shaaban

Mohamed Shaaban

Bachelors degree, 7 years of experience
Languages: English, Arabic

Hello, I'm Mr. Mohamed Shaaban (you can call me as Mr. Shaaban ). I have enrolled in the educational field since 2013. I have taught the Science National Curriculum of England for KS 2 and 3. I 'm currently teaching IGCSE chemistry overseas in The Cambridge school. My students have got A*s up to Bs thanks to the online workshops/training that I have taken in the CAIE where I have trained how to assess the examination papers for the learners as a Cambridge examiner which was reflected on my learner's answers in the exam paper. I can not wait to connect with you guys to help and guide you to succeed in IGCSE Chemistry to hunt your future dream

  • British (UK): Cambridge - Chemistry - 0620

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